Septifix Review 2021 -The Septic Tank Treatment Tablets – Read Before You Buy !

Septifix Review 2021 -The Septic Tank Treatment Tablets – Read Before You Buy !

The septic tank is an important structure that holds most liquid waste from the kitchen and toilet areas. However, maintaining a tank are often daunting, especially if you’ve got a good schedule. counting on the household and septic tank size, professional plumbers recommend frequently inspecting and pumping the tank to function appropriately. Additionally, homeowners recommend proper disposal of wastes to forestall your septic tank from clogging. Unfortunately, most folk view the septic tank as a wastebin and flush wastes that aren’t biodegradable, resulting in plumbing issues.

You can tell if the tank needs attention when it starts getting water backup, odors, slow drains, pooling water, faulty pipes, and trouble flushing. A faulty septic tank can deny you peace of mind. for instance, odors can inhibit you from staying in your own house. Also, a malfunctioning septic tank can cause corrosion to the plumbing pipes, resulting in expensive leakages. Similarly, waste from the tank can result in some medical conditions like skin issues. Therefore, you need to ensure your tank is usually in physical fitness.

What are Septifix tablets?

An owner of a plumbing company Richard V is among the creators of Septifix tablets. Richard’s company enabled homeowners to scrub, pump, install, repair, and maintain their septic tanks. However, the stench from the septic tank was unbearable when they pumped out waste. Therefore, Richard partnered with a renowned university and hired 14 researchers to develop a formula to cut back the days a septic tank needs pumping. Additionally, the 14 scientists had to make a sustainable solution to maintaining a functional tank during a natural and environmentally-friendly method.

At the top of three years, the team had created a natural formula which will clean and maintain the tank. Each of the Septifix tablets has 14 strains of bacteria which will digest the septic waste. Additionally, Septifix tablets can improve the pH and oxygenation levels within the tank, thus fighting off-odors and promoting the expansion of bacteria. As a result, you’ll be able to save thousands of dollars annually as you may now not have to pump out the waste regularly. Similarly, Septifix is simple to use, and thus there’s no must call an expert plumber to place it in your tank.

The Manufacturer of Septifix Formula

Mr. Richard V, is founders of Septifix, was the owner of one famous plumbing company with over 250  employees, doing business in 9 states.

His main revenue came from helping customers with cleaning, pumping, installing, and repair and maintenance of their septic tanks.

He launched Septifix in 2014 to assist his clients who were spending over $10,000 to possess their septic tank system repaired thanks to bad maintenance.

He worked in partnership with a prestigious university and hired a team of 14 scientists in 2011 to develop the formula behind Septifix tablets.

After 3 years and with an investment of over $1.5 million in R&D, Septifix was able to hit the market and have become a large success with over 21,000 regular customers thus far.

How does the Septifix tablet work?

According to the users’ manual on each Septifix package, new users must place three tablets in their bowl and flush. Once the tablet reaches the tank, they begin dissolving slowly while releasing oxygen and salt. The manufacturer estimates that every Septifix tablet releases about 10 liters of oxygen which disperse everywhere the tank in tiny bubbles. After 3-5 days, the oxygen reacts with waste within the tank to fight the odor. Also, soda acts as a barrier to the water to bring the septic tank contents to a neutral pH. As a result, your plumbing gets shielded from corrosion. Also, Septifix tablets contain numerous strains of bacteria which kill the septic tank residue, including oils, toilet papers, soaps, and grease, among others which reduces the requirement to possess your tank pumped now and so.

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The Ingredients of Septifix Tablets

Septifix tablet contains no harsh chemicals and is nontoxic and 100% safe to use. the most ingredients of Septifix treatment are:

  • 10 billion aerobic bacteria strains: The bacteria strains contained within the formula of Septifix are almost 3 times over most other tank treatments available. they assist filter out your septic tank over twice as fast.
  • Oxygen-releasing compounds: it’s currently the sole oxygen-releasing septic tank treatment which will release up to 10 liters of oxygen per tablet which reacts with the hydrogen sulfides inside your tank to eliminate the smell.
  • pH balancing compounds: the opposite ingredients of Septifix help neutralize the pH of the wastewater which when combined with the high oxygen concentrations creates a perfect environment for the bacteria strains to thrive.

Septifix Tank Treatment Tablets Features

  • Each tablet is safe and free from harsh chemicals and toxins
  • Septifix tablet requires no special handling. Any adult can place the tablet (s) on the bathroom bowl and flush.
  • Every Septifix package could be a product from a US-based high-quality facility.
  • Septifix tablets release zero dangerous chemicals within the environment.
  • The manufacturer claims that Septifix is that the only septic tank treatment that releases free oxygen to the environment.
  • The effects of Septifix on your septic tank are more long-lasting than similar products on the market.
  • Septifix saves you a major amount of cash annually.
  • Each Septifix purchase comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Septifix Tablets usage direction

Septifix tablets are non-toxic, and you’ll be able to touch them along with your bare hands. However, Septifix maker strongly recommends washing your hands later with lots of water and soap. Also, users should ensure they are doing not ingest Septifix. Septifix maker recommends placing three tablets into your bowl and flushing twice if you’re a brand new user. you’ll notice positive leads to 3-5 days, like an odorless septic tank and better draining. However, in subsequent months, the Septifix manufacturer recommends using one tablet every month. Still, if you’ve got an oversized tank or numerous household members, it’s best to induce guidance from an expert plumber, Septifix customer care support.

What is the importance of using Septifix Septic Treatment Tablets?

Encourage the expansion of live bacteria.

Septifix tablets are capable of accelerating oxygen levels essential within the septic tank. High oxygen volumes encourage live Bacteria to thrive and multiply, which suggests fewer tank deposits as they kill the biodegradable waste.

Fight odors

Septifix claims to be the sole septic treatment tablet that starts to release oxygen immediately. Consequently, the oxygen reacts with sulfide, thus eliminating undesirable odors in 3-5 days from the tank.

Cleans every a part of septic tank

Septifix producers use an innovative manufacturing method that permits the sludge to decompose from the bottom-up, effectively cleaning all areas of the septic tank.

Protects the plumbing

Septifix neutralizes the content within the tank, thus protecting your entire utility from corrosive gases, which increase wear and tear, resulting in losses.

Saves money

Septifix reduces the amount of pumping out septic tank waste to almost once every three years. Thus, you’ll get considerable savings as you won’t have to call pumpers and plumbers.

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Is Septifix Supplement Legit or not?

Septifix is that the results of 3 years of R&D by over 14 scientists to formulate the foremost effective tank cleanser with the new oxygen-cleansing technology.

It has helped over 21,374 septic tank owners from the US to support the graceful functioning of their tanks and avoid clogs and also the release of horrid smells. 87% are repeat buyers which shows the effectiveness of this Septifix treatment.

As already said in Septifix reviews, It comes with a 60-days moneyback guarantee on purchases made up of their official website that may be claimed easily if it fails to enhance the condition of your septic tank.

Septifix Pricing

Septifix is exclusively available on their official website only. The manufacturer claims that users can make significant savings once they provide bulk. After placing your order, you may get a confirmation email from the Septifix marketing team. If you’re currently residing within the US, shipping takes 5-7 business days, and for international orders, your package can take up to 13 business days.

$69 for a 6-month supply + Shipping charges
$118 for a 12-month supply with free shipping
$147 for an 18-month supply with free shipping

Septifix Customer Reviews and Complaints

Most of the users have reported positive improvements within the condition of their septic tanks within 2 weeks.
The elimination of smell is that the first sign that this treatment is functioning.

Septifix contains no harsh chemicals, requires no special handling, and is nontoxic and 100% safe to use. Is manufactured in premium facilities within the US and are assured of their quality with their 60-days refund policy.

The only relevant complaints we found were that of delay in delivery, which was mostly during the complete swing of the covid pandemic.

Deliveries seem to be running smoothly and timely as of now.


Septifix markets itself as a revolutionary septic tank treatment tablet which will increase live bacterial colonies and oxygen levels in your tank. Additionally, this product can alleviate foul odors by reacting with sulfide and neutralizing the pH levels. Also, Septifix claims it can prevent the plumbing from oxidizing and reduce the amount of times your tank needs pumping.


Is Septifix safe?

Yes,Septifix tablet contains nontoxic cemicals and 100% safe to use. Also, since all the water that goes out from your septic system into the environment are clean and freed from chemicals and pollutants, you’ll be protecting the environment too.

What if Septifix doesn’t work for me?

Every purchase of Septifix made up of their official online store is roofed by their 60-days moneyback guarantee. If Septifix fails to form any improvements within the condition of your tank, you’ll claim the complete refund for your purchases.

How do i use of Septifix?

For normal working septic tanks, just flush one tablet of Septifix down your toilet monthly. For clogged or old septic tanks, flush 3 tablets of Septifix for the primary month, then 1 monthly.

How fast will I receive my Septifix order?

You can expect delivery within 5-7 days after your order is confirmed. Septifix is shipped on to your home or office by UPS.

How long do i want to use Septifix?

For the graceful functioning of your tank system, you ought to use a minimum of one tablet of Septifix each month. For advanced clogs, you must drop 3-4 tablets at a time then just 1 monthly. you’ll keep using Septifix to avoid professional maintenance as long as you’re using it.



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